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Getting better one printed t-shirt at a time

At Jungle we're constantly working on being kinder to the planet, while still offering high-quality products and helping customers grow their businesses.

Sustainability is important: to us, our customers and of course the planet. We also know that all the sustainability challenges in the apparel industry don’t have a quick fix.



Our customers have told us sustainability is important to their business, so we’re continuously putting our efforts into becoming the company you want us to be.

We value trust and avoid promises we can’t keep, so we’re taking realistic steps that make an actual difference.

We’re keeping an open mind and a honest approach, looking at things we can change now, and working out what could be improved in the future.



Always changing for good.

Doing the right thing — for the planet and people.

We’re learning as we grow.

- Custom made goods to order

- Limiting waste in production

- Eliminating single use plastic

- Carbon neutral shipping


We promote a range of eco-friendly options, including 100% organic cotton, fair trade and recycled apparel from suppliers including AS Colour, Earth Positive, Legend Life and Stanley Stella.

Recycled products made from reclaimed materials include t-shirts, hoodies, lanyards, stationary and tote bags.

Our industry has a long way to go and we know there's a lot to work on.  

It's our mission to constantly keep improving how we operate as a small business to ensure a better future for all. 


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